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Business is about doing the easy things well

Posted on Friday July 14, 2017

We all look for the silver bullet, the one thing that will deliver that golden profit and then we are on our way to the next business venture or sail into retirement??. Yet, like most times that is all too often not the case and the silver bullet doesn?t materialise, or maybe doesn?t even exist?  Business is about doing the simple things exceptionally well.  The 1%?ers that just keep adding up and improving your business a little bit at a time. There is a saying, ?if you aren?t moving forward then you are getting left behind?. Status quo is not an option.  So, when the market gets a bit tougher than it used to be, when the competition comes into the area, don?t sit there and think it will get better ?one day?.  You will be eaten alive.  If you..

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